[opensource] OSUOSS Militia calls for Jim Dinan's Downfall

WILLIAM TRIEST triest.1 at osu.edu
Fri Mar 3 01:35:25 EST 2006

Jim Dinan deseves a world full of thanks for kickstarting OSUOSS back into existance and providing the superb leadership needed to foster a healthy club.  With that said: This is your club and it has so much potential.  You, the members, must mold it into the entity you want. One of the most critical traits of a good leader is delegation, and Jim's more then willing to delegate.  He made the comment of wanting every member to set one goal for the club for Spring quarter so I challenge you to post to this list with your goal for the club and how you plan on helping achieve this goal.

Imagine our office with modern computers and the ability to demonstrate the power of open source software to the diverse population of Ohio State  (just in the computer lab you have students struggling with office who have never heard of Linux or GNU to l33t35t haxors)

Imagine our meetings filled with informative talks from up-and-coming students to world-renowned figures from subjects as basic as how to get around a *nix shell to the most advanced software devolopment techniques.  From topics dating back to the begining of computers to the latest yet-to-be published devolopments.

Imagine a web site that not only said who we were and when we were meeting, but drew a global audience for the knowledge it contained which was easily edited by any interested member and ensured the lowest barrier possible for sharing this knowledge.

Finally imagine a club that had participation that included everything from Chemistry graduate students learning how to more efficiently get their work done who could don't understand open source, to idealistic underclassman gaining leadership expierence critical in the modern job market.

Where do YOU want Open Source club to go?

For me: My goal is to have the club show their thanks to Jim by alleviating him of all responsibility for the club.  While Jim should retain the title benevolent dictator, this should be an honorary title.  Every aspect of running this club should be transfered completely to the members (Yes members plural).  "Many hands make light work", so everyone person can and should contribute.  If you have technical knowledge of any level, you can help with preparing or giving a talk (a number of talks in an "intro" series were planned tonight as a community outreach attempt).  If you are a new person to the world of open source you can help by ensuring speakers are lined up, by co-ordinating with potential speakers to ensure their talks don't drop through the cracks, by reviewing our documentation to ensure its accessable to the widest audience, by evaluating the updating of the constituition, by helping look into fund raising, and plenty of other ways. 

If these goals are to ever be reached, then the club needs to assume responsibility.  We all get busy with our various commitments.  Initially small groups should be formed to take care of the core tasks.  Inveitably people will get busy, and gaps will form. If you notice these gaps (e.g. no work has been done on the website, there is some one interested in giving a talk but his volunter has gone unanswered, or a meeting is missing an organizer), step up and say hey I noticed x and I would like to help by doing y.  (or at the very least I noticed x, unfortunately I can't make the meeting can some one help out by doing y).  The mailing list is for discussion, short of spamming it you shouldn't be afraid of speaking up.  This is the open source club; it should be ran by the community. I'm challenging you to run it.  


P.S.  The opensource militia reference in the subject line goes back to earlier days of the club.

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