[opensource] OSUOSS Militia calls for Jim Dinan's Downfall

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sun Mar 5 00:53:18 EST 2006

> healthy club.  With that said: This is your club and it has so much
> potential.  You, the members, must mold it into the entity you want.
> One of the most critical traits of a good leader is delegation, and
> Jim's more then willing to delegate.  He made the comment of wanting
> every member to set one goal for the club for Spring quarter so I
> challenge you to post to this list with your goal for the club and how
> you plan on helping achieve this goal.

Right on!  The OpenSource club is a framework.  As a member of the
opensource club, you have at your disposal a mailing list, web space,
meeting places, a weekly forum, office space, computers, and a host of
members brought together under a common interest.  I also am a resource
available to all members of the club.  I am here to help make your
opensource goal a reality.

People have suggested lots of great ideas: Software projects, setting up
servers in our office, gaming nights, serving OSS mirrors, Linux install
fests, and the list goes on.  I *challenge* you to do these things!
Pick one OpenSource goal for this quarter and make it a reality!  Start
a project and form your own satellite group, use our office space and
computers.  If you want keycard access to the office, all you have to do
is ask!

The first rule of opensource club is that there are no rules.  I get the
impression that some people may mistakenly think this mailing list is
only for announcements and that's not true.  I implore you to use this
list for discussion, questions, comments -- anything!  If the volume of
traffic on list becomes a problem, we can make a separate announcements
list as they have done in the past.

E Pluribus Unum,
- jim.

James Dinan <dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu>

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