[opensource] OSUOSS Militia calls for Jim Dinan's Downfall

Wesley Haines kremit at wrpn.net
Mon Mar 6 01:29:58 EST 2006

> I think this would be a wonderful idea.  I actually have several ideas 
> that really depend on students doing a lot of leg work, and this was one 
> of them.  This really would require a bit of work, but I think it very 
> doable.  I see this task as having a couple steps.
> 1.   Identify other mirrors on campus (OSC used to have some, I know 
> there are others) and see if they would be okay with: use from campus, 
> from off campus, publicly advertised use.
> 2.  Figure out if we want to mirror additional software
>      2a.  Figure out what to mirror (personally I think CentOS, Ubuntu, 
> and Gentoo would be good candidates)
>      2b.   Identify some equipment that could be used to run the mirror 
> (this my require the club to aquire some hardware, which my be best 
> served by a donations subgroup).
>      2c.  Setup our mirrors
> 3.  Advertise both our mirrors (if we choose to do so) and other mirrors 
> we have found on campus as appriopriate.
> Did I miss anything?  Would you like to see other things mirrored?  Can 
> you help with a step?  Write to the list.

I currently run a mirror for OpenOffice. I would love to host other
projects as well but I don't have the bandwidth :/
I am definitely willing to help get a project like this up and running.
Who could I contact at OSC/OIT/CSE to see if we can get some bandwidth
(or maybe hardware) reserved for a mirror server?

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