[opensource] Lecture #2 Linux on Desktop

Michael Haig haig.1 at osu.edu
Mon Mar 6 15:07:39 EST 2006

Hello all, I'm Michael Haig and I volunteered to speak about linux on the
desktop.  I recently made the switch and have been using Gentoo as my only
OS on my desktop for about 3 months now.  It was a two month project on
considering and researching the switch and in no way was an easy decision
(for one thing I love .NET developing and Visual Studio).  To keep
everything about these presentations open (which is of course the nature of
the club :) ), I will post my proposed outline and keep developing it openly
with everyone.

I created this rough outline with the idea in mind that I would be
presenting to people who are considering the switch or are novice users.

Intro: So you want to make the switch
Discussion on Pros and Cons of giving up Windows
The midpoint: Dual Boot
Distros: What is available
The more popular ones out there and their pros/cons
Ubuntu/Kubuntu, Knoppix, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo, etc
Maybe demo?
The Desktop: Is it for me?
Console is plenty for some, but Desktop/Window Managers help
Present more popular/common
Gnome, KDE, IceWM, blackbox, windowmaker, etc
Applications: What do I do with this fancy linux install
Your favorite windows programs in Linux
"But I just can't give up X application!"
Remote: control your pc from campus
Intro to ssh, vnc and secure vnc through tunneling

I tried to stick to presenting distros/WMs that have a large users base
since I am angling this presentation more towards new users/novice.  I could
also load a few distros/WMs onto my laptop using VirtualPC (unless that
would cause a revolt) to demo and I can demo vnc/ssh with my desktop.  I am
also willing to give a little blurb about .NET in linux (Mono and

I welcome all feedback and will be more than happy to distribute my slides
when I start writing them.

Michael Haig
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