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Mark Keck keck at cse.ohio-state.edu
Wed Mar 8 09:55:25 EST 2006

I am a grad student here at Ohio State and am working on a side 
consulting project.  I am setting up a website for a company just 
starting up.  The company has just bought out another company, and is 
updating the seller's website, which is done with Cold Fusion.  My 
current programmers are not familiar with this technology, and we will 
be busy updating the website during this month.

I could use between 2-4 programmers who can dedicate some time to 
working on this project and I would prefer at least one person who knows 
Cold Fusion, since everyone else will be on a small learning curve.  The 
project comes with some form of payment, though right now we're looking 
at stock grants (free shares of the company) due to the fact that there 
is no capital in the company yet.  Anyone who is interested, please 
contact me at keck at cse.ohio-state.edu as soon as you can, or if you know 
anyone who would be interested, refer them to me.

Mark A. Keck, Jr.
Graduate Research Assistant
Computer Vision Lab
The Ohio State University
keck at cse.ohio-state.edu

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