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Robbt robbt at azone.org
Wed Mar 8 10:13:20 EST 2006

Hey Sorry I missed the meeting last night guys.
I actually wanted to talk about CivicSpace.
I'm currently working on a project that involves
networking various community technology centers
in the central ohio area with professor David
Landsbergen from the college of public policy
and management.

The project is using CivicSpace and we are
looking for students to get involved if anyone
is interested. Just e-mail me.

The basic gist of the project is we are going to
create a resource page for the research they are
doing. Currently they are surveying CTCs around
Columbus and then inputting the info into an
Access database. I want to migrate that data
over to the CivicSpace site, and then we will
have a more interactive set-up where each CTC
can come in and update their information. And
statistics can be analyzed with PHP code.

I also just installed Ubuntu w/ LAMP to act as
the server. I could of used Debian but since it
is also needed to be a workstation for
admistering the site until we can figure out the
IP situation with OSU IT it was better to have
Gnome. This might be one of the first totally
free software servers in OSU, although I'm
totally ignorant of the technical side not being
a student there.

Would anyone be interested in organizing a
Drupal meet-up/bugfix party like they have been
having around the globe ? I know that I would
and since I'm using Drupal for most of my
projects and finally starting to understand the
code and learn some PHP I'd be into working on
this with like-minded individuals. I already
know a couple of people from various projects
who are also Drupal coders.

Otherwise I'd be willing to present sometime
after spring/break when the club is back in
session, or do a joint presentation if the other
person who posted about this is still interested
in colloboration.

Also if anyone is interested in more open source
political journalism there is a tech meeting for
Columbus Indymedia today at 6:30pm at the
FreePress office at 341 S. Third St, suite 10.
We will be analyzing our usage of drupal and
also I'll be introducing how we are using it
thus far and potential coding projects to
improve our site.
Check out http://cbusimc.org to see our current

Also there are a couple of conferences which
people might be interested in attending and we
could probably carpool to them. The Community
Wireless Summit www.wirelesssummit.org
 & Notacon.org. I've copy and pasted some info

NOTACON, an annual conference held in Cleveland,
Ohio, explores and showcases technologies,
philosophy and creativity often overlooked at
other "hacker cons". Our desire is not to
supplant other events, but complement them and
strike a balance that has gone unnoticed in our
community for far too long.

I've doing a presentation on my idea for an a
kind of open-source free economy.

The SPORE (Share Place Open Resource Ecology) or
How to Use Social Networking to Undermine
Commodity Based Capitalism.

The Spore is a concept inspired by the
prevelance of social networking and an attempt
to create a underground virtual gift economy
that will allow people to connect and share
information and resources.

By sharing existing resources and incorporating
accountability and feedback in order to amplify
cooperation people can create independence from
the industrial commodity market which is rapidly
exhausting the earth's resources.

The SPORE is a potential patchwork of open
source technologies such as Drupal.org,
PSYC(concurrent decentralized IM), GPG, RSS and
Dyne:bolic. that interlock in order to build a
means to digest consumer trash and transform it
into useful resources.

The presentation will explore the potentials for
social networking in creating social change and
alternative economics and provide an overview of
existing technologies.

I guess I'm presenting at 4pm on Friday cuz I
may be heading to Reclaim the Commons in
Chicago, a convergence for people against
corporate bio-tech presenting community/open
source alternatives.
Check out http://reclaimthecommons.net and/or
for more opensource alternatives to bio-tech

Ok this is a lot of info for one e-mail but I
think what you guys are doing with your club is
sweet, I will definently try to make it out to a
meeting I wanted to go yesterday but I was
downtown working on the indymedia website.

Please e-mail me or the list if you are
interested in any of the stuff I'm talking


Announcing the Second National Summit for
Community Wireless Networks -- March 31-April 2,
2006. St. Charles, MO.

The Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network
(CUWiN), Mid-Rivers Community Wireless Network,
and Free Press invite you to join us for a
Community Wireless Networking Summit, March
31-April 2, 2006 in St. Charles, MO (right
outside St. Louis). "Imagine & Implement: The
2006 National Summit for Community Wireless
Networks" will focus on grassroots action;
impacting national regulations and policies; and
building the coalition of community groups,
researchers, policy leaders, decision-makers,
and activists working to create better broadband
services and telecommunications infrastructures.

With Network Neutrality under attack and
broadband service continuing to stagnate, it's
time we organized to take the public airwaves
back from corporate interests and put the public
interest back in the spotlight. Community
Wireless Networks are often owned by the
communities that deploy them and offer better
services for cheaper prices than traditional
ISPs. Anyone interested in making the "public
interest" the number one priority in broadband
service provision should definitely attend this

Community Wireless developers from across North
America will be demonstrating cutting-edge
technologies; researchers and programmers will
discuss recent breakthroughs and developments;
and policy-makers and funders will strategize
with participants on the new initiatives being
launched and how we can make an impact in DC.

More summit information is available online at:


Register online at:


Have questions or want to present? Send us an
e-mail at:

cu-wireless-summit at cuwireless.net

See you in St. Charles,

--Sascha Meinrath
Summit Director

> This is a neat project for the right student.
> The CMS in use is
> CivicSpace (http://civicspacelabs.org/) which is
> built on top of the
> open-source Drupal framework.
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