[opensource] Fun Finals Wednesday

T Cramer cramer.85 at osu.edu
Mon Mar 13 13:29:32 EST 2006

Final Can Be Fun!!

Weds., 3/15
11:30 am - 1:15pm
DL 113

Dr. Rick Parent and his CSE 682:Computer Animation students are opening 
up their final presentations to the entire department.

The class combines technical students and students from the College of 
Art and Design to produce animated sequences. Five groups, each 
consisting of one Art/Design student and 5-6 technical students produce 
a short animated sequence as a quarter-long group project.

This class is a "survey of computer animation algorithms and techniques; 
interpolation, path following, quaternions, object deformations, 
forward/inverse kinematics, rigid body dynamics, particle systems 
flocking, autonomous behavior, L-systems."

These final presentations are always interesting and creative. Come join 
us fun and pizza:
Weds., 3/15, 11:30am - 1:30 pm in DL113.

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