[opensource] Open source project idea ...

Raffi Khatchadourian khatchad at cse.ohio-state.edu
Tue Mar 14 13:58:13 EST 2006

Stephen Sebeny wrote:
> Hi All,
>     First, Xcode (Apple's IDE) has CVS support built-in plus all the nice
> features of a graphical file merge utility (think of a GUI for diff on
> steroids). There are a few other graphical CVS/SVN clients, but I've 
> never
> had the need for them.

Personally, I prefer using the command line myself, but that doesn't
mean someone else out there is not interested in GUI interaction with
CVS :)

>     Also, I've not used TortoiseCVS but from a quick look at the 
> website if
> you wanted to do a put an item into the Finder's contextual menu
> (right-click) its a piece of cake. You just need to write a contextual 
> menu
> plug-in. If anyone has interest in that I can direct you to the 
> appropriate
> resources. The wrapper of the plug-in would have to be written in
> Objective-C or Java, but the core work could just be any shell script 
> that
> you call if you wanted.

Would you be able to change the appearance of files in finder? This is a
substantial benefit of TortoiseCVS as it marks which files are under CVS
control and which aren't. If a file is in CVS control, you will know
graphically that it needs to be committed or that is *locally*
up-to-date. A nice extension of this would be to graphically portray
files that are locally up-to-date but *globally* need updating (i.e. the
version on the server is newer than the local version).

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