[opensource] Re: Open source project idea ...

Raffi Khatchadourian khatchad at cse.ohio-state.edu
Tue Mar 14 19:30:35 EST 2006

Alan Cline wrote:
> If I may chip in,
> TortoiseCVS is not really anything more than a GUI either. It is a 
> really nice client that sits atop CVS server.

Yes that's correct, TortoiseCVS *is* a GUI, but it "sits on top" of the 
non-graphical cvs client (command line). It doesn't communicate with the 
server directly, just issues commands to the cvs client command line 
interface that correspond to the actions the user has specified 
graphically. The focus here is that TortoiseCVS provides a GUI that is 
*integrated* into the OS file manipulation mechanism. Although GUI cvs 
clients do exist for OS X (including integration in IDEs, eclipse, 
Xcode, etc.), the described integration does not. I think this would be 
a great project to startup from the club if anyone is interested. I 
really believe it would impact and benefit a lot of OS X users.

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