[opensource] Workshops Poster

Evan Powers epowers at iglou.com
Wed Mar 29 23:02:58 EST 2006

On Mar 29, 2006, at 10:33 PM, Alexander J. Lingo wrote:
>> you save as a PDF so the text is not rasterized?
> If GIMP can output PDF, I will.

I strongly recommend using Inkscape for the text and foreground 
elements, even if the background element remains a bitmap done in GIMP. 
(You could try using the "trace bitmap" feature to mechanically 
vectorize it, though it probably won't work well for that image.)

Also, I saw the following copy problems:

"explore own own galaxy" should be "explore our own galaxy"

"utilizing a hands-on experiences" needs to be fixed, and also 
improved; I suggest "through hands-on experience"

"art of writing of scripts" should be "art of writing scripts"

- Evan

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