[opensource] OpenSource Technology Workshops

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Thu Mar 30 18:45:58 EST 2006

Dear Friends:

The OpenSource Club is pleased to announce a series of exciting 
technology workshops introducing open source software topics to the Ohio 
State community!  Our workshop schedule is as follows:

  * 04/04/2006 7:00PM, DL480: Open Source for Windows
  * 04/18/2006 7:00PM, DL480: Linux on your Desktop
  * 05/02/2006 7:00PM, DL280: Getting around in UNiX
  * 05/16/2006 7:00PM, DL480: Programming the UNiX Shell
  * 05/30/2006 7:00PM, DL480: Open Source Software Development Tools

Attendance at the workshops is open to anyone and everyone!  We welcome 
you to forward this invitation around OSU and out into the community. 
The workshops will be held on campus in Dreese Labs rooms 480 and 280 as 

For people arriving from off campus, pay parking is available in the 
Tuttle Park Place Parking Garage, located adjacent to Dreese Labs. 
Please refer the OSU map for directions: http://www.osu.edu/map/.

More information about these workshops and the OpenSource Club can be
found on our website at: http://opensource.cse.ohio-state.edu.

Workshop 1: Open Source for Windows
    The best software is free software!  Open source applications are
free, community-driven computer programs that are created by a worldwide
community of computer enthusiasts.  In this workshop, we will introduce
some of the amazing open source applications for Windows that Microsoft
doesn't want you to know about.  Learn to write papers, surf the web,
talk to friends, or even explore our own galaxy with free, open source
applications for Windows.

Presented by Alex Lingo: 04/04/2006 7:00PM, DL480.

Workshop 2: Linux on your Desktop
    Interested in running Linux on your desktop?  Come to this meeting to
discover the rich desktop experience and full-featured suite of
applications that GNU/Linux users have come to take for granted.  Ready
to make the switch, but not sure how?  We give you the tools you need
for a smooth transition and walk you through the process of converting
your computer into an open source sanctuary.

Presented by Michael Haig: 04/18/2006 7:00PM, DL480.

Workshop 3: Getting around in UNiX
    The Unix philosophy has revolutionized user interaction with
computers by providing a comprehensive and standardized system view
accompanied by a full complement of system utilities.  This collection
of standard programs provides powerful tools for efficiently searching,
viewing, and manipulating a user's data.  However, in spite of the
utility and flexibility of these tools, getting acquainted with them can
often be a confusing and frustrating experience for new users.
    Through hands-on experience, attendees at this workshop will
gain a solid understanding of how to navigate the Unix shell and
discover why users are drawn to the command line despite the temptation
of modern graphical interfaces.

Presented by William Triest: 05/02/2006 7:00PM, DL280.

Workshop 4: Programming the UNiX Shell
    This workshop will build upon previous topics by discussing the art
of writing scripts to simplify and automate mundane or repetitive
tasks.  We will introduce powerful tools such as 'grep' and 'sed' (among
others) and discuss how to use them to rapidly manipulate files and
extract data.  Using these tools, we will demonstrate some of the cool
things scripts can do to make life with Unix a little more interesting
and a lot more fun.

Presented by Andrew Lathrop: 05/16/2006 7:00PM, DL480.

Workshop 5: Open Source Software Development Tools
    Developing software with open source tools is like carving a statue
out of a giant log with a chain saw - it totally rocks.  The FLOSS
(Free/Libre Open Source Software) Community has at its disposal some of
greatest software development tools of all time.  Come and join us to
learn about some the amazing tools that have forever changed how
software is created.  Expect to be wowed by KDevelop, mystified by the
GNU compiler suite and build environment, and taken aback by code
repositories and revision control.

Presented by Paul Betts: 05/30/2006 7:00PM, DL480.

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