[opensource] Notacon Apr 7-9th, Cleveland, who wants to go ?

Robbt robbt at azone.org
Thu Mar 30 23:37:13 EST 2006

Hey everybody this is robb, it was cool to meet
everyone who was at the meeting tonight. I
mentioned NotaCon and I'm posting this link and
basic info about it to see if anyone wants to go
up to Cleveland.

The link to the site is http://notacon.org

NOTACON, an annual conference held in Cleveland,
Ohio, explores and showcases technologies,
philosophy and creativity often overlooked at
other "hacker cons". Our desire is not to
supplant other events, but complement them and
strike a balance that has gone unnoticed in our
community for far too long.

I guess due to pre-reg being closed it's 100$
but I can get 1 person in for 40$ due to my
being a presenter.

Here is my brief synposis of my presentation

The SPORE (Share Place Open Resource Ecology) or
How to Use Social Networking to Undermine
Commodity Based Capitalism.

The Spore is a concept inspired by the
prevalence of social networking and an attempt
to create a underground virtual gift economy
that will allow people to connect and share
information and resources.

By sharing existing resources and incorporating
accountability and feedback in order to amplify
cooperation people can create independence from
the industrial commodity market which is rapidly
exhausting the earth's resources.

The SPORE is a potential patchwork of open
source technologies such as Drupal.org,
PSYC(concurrent decentralized IM), GPG, RSS and
Dyne:bolic. that interlock in order to build a
means to digest consumer trash and transform it
into useful resources.

The presentation will explore the potentials for
social networking in creating social change and
alternative economics and provide an overview of
existing technologies.

I'm presenting at 4PM on Friday so I'm gonna
have to leave Friday morning and that might
preclude other people who may have classes or
something from going early but if anyone else
wants to go that'd be sweet.

>From what I understand it's kind of a party,
kind of a Defcon for Ohio but more creative than
just haxorific.

so yeah lets talk about it.

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