[opensource] Announcing OpenSource-Announce

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Tue May 2 00:37:04 EDT 2006

Hi Everyone,

I have heard from a couple people that the volume of mail on this list
is a little too much to manage.  In response to this, I've revived the
opensource-announce mailing list as an alternative to our general list.
 The announcements list is moderated and will be used only for
low-traffic announcements.

You can subscribe to that list here:

If you wish to change your subscription options to our general list,
that can be done here:

People who want to stay on the general list don't need to do anything, I
will cc announcements to both lists.  Of course, you are welcome to
subscribe to both if you like.  :)

Also, one other way to receive less mail while staying on the general
list is to turn on batch mode.  In batch mode, the mailing list will
send you 1 email per day that has batched up all of that day's list traffic.

All the best,
 - jim.

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