[opensource] Thanks for the great presentation tonight

Steven James Samuel Stapleton stapleton at mps.ohio-state.edu
Tue May 2 21:23:03 EDT 2006

I'm glad I learned something really useful. I always though 'bg' did 
somethign different, that seemed mostly irrelevant to me. Now I know 
otherwise, and I actually run into occasions all the time where I forget to 
ampersand a command line for a gui executable, now I won't have to close and 
restart it.

Also, in regards to my comment that I didn't enunciate well on gnu tools vs 
non-gnu tools; gnu tools are smart and don't care where you place the 
flags/switches most of the time, as opposed to some non-gnu (such as in 
BSD), where you have to put the flags/switches, right after the command.

i.e. don't get in the [VERY BAD] habit of doing this:
$ cp src/* dest/ -rfv

That works perfectly fine in gnu tools, but if you are on something like 
BSD, your system will complain to you that -rfv is not a valid directory. In 
such systems, you would have to do:
$ cp -rfv src/* dest/

I got into the bad habit of thinking about the stuff I was working on, and 
then the alterations to the standard working method, rather than the 
alterations first, and the stuff later.


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