[opensource] Thanks for the great presentation tonight

Trent Arms trent.arms at gmail.com
Wed May 3 04:47:56 EDT 2006

Yes, I liked this presentation quite a bit.  Sure, some of it was stuff I
already knew, but just learning about cut made it all worth it.  I haven't
been using linux so long that I've learned very well all of the coreutils
and before today I was wrestling with the idea of learning awk and sed to do
exactly the kinds of things cut does.  ps is another handy tool that
displaces top for figuring out what the PID or process name is.  All in all,
I learned a bit and am pleased.  Waiting for more stuff about scripting next
week. (That is what I heard, right?)


PS: what was the backquote thing?  I've never herd of it and it sounds far
too useful to stay that way.

On 5/3/06, Steven James Samuel Stapleton <stapleton at mps.ohio-state.edu>
> I'm glad I learned something really useful. I always though 'bg' did
> somethign different, that seemed mostly irrelevant to me. Now I know
> otherwise, and I actually run into occasions all the time where I forget
> to
> ampersand a command line for a gui executable, now I won't have to close
> and
> restart it.
> Also, in regards to my comment that I didn't enunciate well on gnu tools
> vs
> non-gnu tools; gnu tools are smart and don't care where you place the
> flags/switches most of the time, as opposed to some non-gnu (such as in
> BSD), where you have to put the flags/switches, right after the command.
> i.e. don't get in the [VERY BAD] habit of doing this:
> $ cp src/* dest/ -rfv
> That works perfectly fine in gnu tools, but if you are on something like
> BSD, your system will complain to you that -rfv is not a valid directory.
> In
> such systems, you would have to do:
> $ cp -rfv src/* dest/
> I got into the bad habit of thinking about the stuff I was working on, and
> then the alterations to the standard working method, rather than the
> alterations first, and the stuff later.
> Thanks,
> -Jim
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