[opensource] Need the name of some tools: drive/folder synchronizing

Clifton Snyder snydercl at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sat May 6 11:45:40 EDT 2006

It sounds like rsync is what you're looking for here:

	rsync -av source_dir dest_dir

Keep in mind that if you leave the trailing slash on source_dir, rsync 
will copy all of the files from source_dir into dest_dir, whereas if you 
leave the trailing slash off of source_dir rsync will create a new 

Check the man page for more info. I hope it works for you.


Steven James Samuel Stapleton wrote:
> I want to synchronize folders between two of my machines, one is 
> Windows, one is BSD.
> The folders are large (~10GB data total between all of them) and my 
> computer seems to have a problem of one erroneous bit/byte out of every 
> 5 (est.) by previous file errors.
> Lately I've been manually doing this via md5deep'ing the directory, 
> copying and then doing an md5deep verify on the copied directory. 
> However, I'd like to just have a cron job, that every four hours, would 
> synch the mount point and the local directory on the BSD machine. Any 
> new files will be copied to the one lacking the files, and if the 
> machines each had copies of two files with the same relative path/name 
> to a base directory, whose checksums did not match, it would copy the 
> newer file over the older file (after verifying the checksums not 
> matching wasn't due to read/write error).
> anyone know of any good utilities for that?
> Thanks,
> -Jim

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