[opensource] Presentation on SPLAT! radio propagation modelling software

Adam Porr porr.4 at osu.edu
Sat May 13 12:55:54 EDT 2006

Hi all

I am trying to determine if there is any interest in a presentation on
SPLAT! for the Amateur Radio Club, and I figured it would be good to
include the opensource folks if anyone is interested. SPLAT! is a free
(GPL) software package that can determine the coverage, propagation
loss, and line-of-sight path information for a radio transmitter.  For
more information, check out the amateur radio club wiki at:


Why might non-amateur radio people be interested? Wireless networks
use a frequency band in which line-of-sight propagtion is necessary.
By using SPLAT!, you can determine the range of your wireless network.
Also, you can input two locations and determine if you can create a
link between those two locations.

Between the two clubs, if there is enough interest I'd be happy to do
a presentation on SPLAT!.


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