[opensource] internship and Linux software

Isaac Jones ijones at syntaxpolice.org
Sat May 13 18:59:37 EDT 2006

Hey all.  I'll be in town Tuseday doing interviews in the morning if
you are interested in summer internships.  Please email me for a slot,
and I'll let you all know where the room is.

I'll probably also drop by the club meeting, and Jim was sorta
planning on setting up a dinner, so maybe you can harass him into
finalizing plans ;)

It's OK if applicants don't have experience in Xen, Knoppix, and
SELinux, but if you have experience in all three, I hope you drop me a



Galois Connections (www.galois.com) is seeking an intern for building
infrastructure, development, and testing.  A successful candidate
should have excellent Linux skills for short-term tasks and a good
development background for longer-term tasks.  If the candidate does
not know Haskell, they should be good at learning new programming
languages, and can reasonably expect to be fluent in Haskell within a
few months.

 * Learning and adapting Linux-related technologies including Xen,
   SELinux, and Knoppix.
 * Creating Debian packages.
 * Automating a nightly build infrastructure and other development
 * Haskell development.

 * Haskell
 * XML
 * Linux and Unix

We're always accepting resumes from qualified full-time candidates,
especially with Haskell or formal methods experiences.

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