[opensource] Dinner Outing with Isaac

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sat May 13 19:36:42 EDT 2006

Isaac Jones wrote:
> I'll probably also drop by the club meeting, and Jim was sorta
> planning on setting up a dinner, so maybe you can harass him into
> finalizing plans ;)

Oh, right!!

Isaac will be in town this Tuesday and I'd like to try and gather up for
dinner before the workshop.  In case you don't know, Isaac is the club's
founder and he lives out on the west coast now so we don't get to see
him very often.  Everyone is welcome to attend and you can bring as many
guests as you like.  Please RSVP to me and let me know if you'd like to
come and if you are bringing any guests.

I was thinking we should meet at 5:00 since the workshop starts at 7:00.
 Can anyone suggest a good place for dinner that is close to campus,
pretty cheap, and is ok with a big group?  Also, FYI: you'll be
responsible for covering your dinner tab yourself.  :-)

Hope to see you there!
 - jim.

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