[opensource] Just a quick question about the computer scienceminor.

Brian Dittmer dittmer.6 at osu.edu
Thu May 18 19:20:01 EDT 2006

The material in CSE 560 is NOT hard whatsoever.  As long as you remember 
stuff from 360 you're totally fine.  It is a lot of work, but it's just 
mind numbing busy work....especially the documentation (god bless 
JavaDoc).  I've heard now they're actually using a real microprocessor 
now for the instruction set which would make the class more useful (we 
used a made up machine...blah!).  I'd say take 560, just be ready to put 
in the necessary time and you'll do fine.

Steven James Samuel Stapleton wrote:
>> LAME. CSE 560 is the most awesome class in the department, anyone who
>> says otherwise is wrong.
> and from everything I've seen/heard, it competes with Biochem 511 for 
> the hardest (work load and learning-density) undergrad course offerred 
> at the university.
>> They're all fine except 675.02, which I would avoid (not fun). I'd take
>> 670 with Chaabouni though, he's a great teacher and actually knows what
>> he's talking about on real databases.
> I'll second that, Chaabouni's class is fun, and yes, he is a good 
> teacher.
> -Jim
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