[opensource] CSE 560 advice

Vjekoslav Kovacevic kovacevi at cse.ohio-state.edu
Fri May 19 18:32:47 EDT 2006

560 was the best CSE class I ever had! Don't be afraid, just enjoy the 
ride, man...

Drew Yates wrote:
> The reason people think 560 is so hard is because it's the first class 
> where you're actually accountable to produce a working, non-trivial 
> application. The VAST majority of other comp sci undergrad classes are 
> simply "memorize this bullshit powerpoint slide full of TLA (three 
> letter acronyms)." 560 is that, too, but also the projects.
> If you are afraid of 560, you need to seriously reconsider a different 
> major. In "real life," nobody gives a shit if you took good notes on 
> every bullshit powerpoint lecture. The only thing that matters is "can 
> you perform." If the answer is no, then DEFINITELY take 560 with the 
> attitude to make that answer "FUCK YES" or drop out of comp sci. You 
> will be doing yourself a favor either way. It's your decision.
> For your documentation, use LaTeX. If you do not know what that is, get 
> on Google and find out.
> Also, anyone in your group that is "not programming savvy" and isn't 
> voraciously trying to learn/catch up will pull you down. Fuck them. 
> Assume that you are personally accountable for every line of code... 
> because you are. And act that way. This is a totally doable project, and 
> anyother attitude is wrong on your part.
> -Drew
> -- 
> "The intellect of man is forced to choose perfection of the life, or of 
> the work, and if it take the second must refuse a heavenly mansion, 
> raging in the dark."
> --William Butler Yeats

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