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Drew Yates yates at cse.ohio-state.edu
Fri May 19 21:27:58 EDT 2006

yah, pretty much whatever Paul says. He's the man.

On 5/19/06, Paul Betts <bettsp at cse.ohio-state.edu> wrote:
> > If you are afraid of 560, you need to seriously reconsider a different
> > major. In "real life," nobody gives a shit if you took good notes on
> > every bullshit powerpoint lecture. The only thing that matters is "can
> > you perform." If the answer is no, then DEFINITELY take 560 with the
> > attitude to make that answer "FUCK YES" or drop out of comp sci. You
> > will be doing yourself a favor either way. It's your decision.
> Although I wouldn't agree completely with this, realize that 560 is very
> reflective of a real-world project. This isn't to say you can't get
> better at CSE; thinking progmatically is a language, and just like any
> other language, it has its own patterns and structure. Learning to
> program is getting used to phrasing what you want to do in this format
> (i.e. realizing that to find something in a list, I should check each
> item of the list in order)  It's certainly not always intuitive, but it
> does get easier I promise.
> > For your documentation, use LaTeX. If you do not know what that is,
> > get on Google and find out.
> That's a decent idea, I would check out some programs that will
> automatically generate documentation from your source code, such as
> Doxygen or Javadoc (or nDoc if you're .NETing)
> > Also, anyone in your group that is "not programming savvy" and isn't
> > voraciously trying to learn/catch up will pull you down.
> See, this isn't necessarily true and 560 aims to prove that. Some people
> that aren't good at coding _are_ good at writing documentation, and as
> much as they don't want to admit it, some people who are good
> programmers can't write their way out of a paper bag. A programmer who
> can't communicate with others is almost as worthless as a programmer who
> can't program, because there's NO way that one person can write any
> non-trivial program in a reasonable timespan.
> >  Fuck them. Assume that you are personally accountable for every line
> > of code... because you are. And act that way. This is a totally doable
> > project, and anyother attitude is wrong on your part.
> I'll definitely agree with that, it is doable. And also, talk to your
> grader about figuring out how to do something, if you find what you're
> doing is taking a lot of time, is really hacky, etc, they probably know
> a better way to do it.
> --
> Paul Betts <bettsp at cse.ohio-state.edu>

"The intellect of man is forced to choose perfection of the life, or of the
work, and if it take the second must refuse a heavenly mansion, raging in
the dark."
--William Butler Yeats
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