[opensource] Election Details

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sat May 20 12:58:47 EDT 2006


You are eligible to vote in the upcoming elections if you are a
currently enrolled student at OSU who has attended at least one club
meeting during the past academic year.


The following officer positions will be elected:
	1. Secondary Leader
	2. Treasurer

Please inform the current BD if you would like to run for either of
these positions.  If you are running in conjunction with a BD you may
also, at your option, run separately for the same office.


The BD candidate has 3 options for how they would like to select the
other 2 required officers:

	1. They may appoint them prior to elections as running mates.
	2. They may ask the club to elect them.
	3. The BD candidate may also reserve the right to appoint them after
elections but before the end of the academic year.  Preference of this
options must be made known to the voters.

All candidates please inform the current BD of your desire to enter
elections and the method by which you would like to select officers.  If
you are appointing officers prior to the election, please make these
appointments known.


Elections will be held by secret ballot.  Votes will be tallied on site
at the time of elections and the winner will be announced before the end
of the election meeting.

Prior to voting, all BD and officer candidates will be allowed 5 minutes
to give a speech on their intent and aims as club officers.  Such aims
may be ideas for future events, fundraisers, meetings, projects, etc...

After elections, the BD-elect is encouraged to appoint or seek
volunteers for any club offices they wish to create or continue from the
previous years.  For example: webmaster, publicity officer, etc...


I hope this has cleared up some of the questions about elections.
Please let me know if you would like to run (I need to make the
ballots).  Also, please feel free to discuss questions or your intent to
run on the mailing list.

 - jim.

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