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From: Rich Bowers [mailto:rbowers at oln.org]
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Subject: What about a Dorkbot-Columbus?


Recently * I became aware of an international
movement, or organization * or experience *
called Dorkbot.  Their motto is *People doing
strange things with electricity.*

As a best-practices example of self-organizing
human behavior, the idea has sprung up around
the world, where communities of interested
people have seen the power of coming together to
share new ideas and new talent in a minimally
structured way.

Art, technology, entertainment, engineering,
experience, emotion * All should be associated
with exploration and play in learning how to
best use and grow new ideas in technology.  In
everyday work life, we probably don*t get enough
opportunity to stretch our minds and our
expectation horizons.  As we continue to be
concerned about falling interest and enrollments
of young people in scientific, engineering and
technical fields of study * we have to wonder if
perhaps we have squeezed too much of the fun out
the discussion.  Maybe Dorkbot is a way to
inject just enough playfulness into a serious
field of study to intrigue more young people
into exploring the strategically key technical

And maybe it*s a way to soak up in some creative
power, like a cat sitting in the sun, that we
can take back to energize our own careers.

I have had some conversations with people in the
North-East Ohio/Cleveland area about putting
together a program up there, and it looks as
though that may well happen.  Now, I wonder if
there enough people within, say, 90 minutes
drive or so of Columbus who would be interested
in such an event here?
I am thinking about putting a meeting together *
perhaps in June * to determine a) if there is
enough interest to make this work, and b) to
plan for a short series of actual Dorkbot events
to establish them as a recognized platform for
presenting new and intriguing ideas.

Would you be interested in participating in
organizing a Dorkbot event in the Columbus area?
 Do you have a project that you would love to
present at such an event?  Do you know of
colleagues/artists/scientists/inventors who are
pursuing interesting projects, who might be
willing to share also?
If so, please respond to this note * let me know
how to contact you by voice, and any information
you wish to share about your level of interest
and degree of participation.  I am happy to hear
from you at any time, of course * but I*m trying
to gauge initial interest by
May 26.

And * BTW * let*s be viral about this * Please
pass this invitation along to anyone you think
might be interested * success will come from
widest possible distribution.

Naturally, there are Web sites with more

Main Dorkbot Web site:

Dorkbot meeting - video:

http://on10.net/TheShow/2203/\nSelected Dorkbot
links & other info at:

Main Dorkbot Web site:

Richard A. Bowers
Coordinator, Ohio IT Clearinghouse
(sponsored by the Ohio Learning Network
    Ohio Board of Regents)
(boost basic \ncomputing skills with
   Ohio schools and \nICDL)

Selected Dorkbot links & other info at:

Thanks for your consideration -  Contact me soon!!

Best * Rich Bowers

Richard A. Bowers
Coordinator, Ohio IT Clearinghouse

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