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Mark Noble wrote:
> Profanity is just superstition, and the words that offend change over time.
> We call poultry meat "dark" and "light" because people decided to be
> offended at the mention of "breast" or "thigh".  Thank heavens we've
> lightened up.

Technically, we call poultry meat "dark" and "light" because of its 
color.  Dark meat refers to slow-twitch muscles, which develop a dark, 
reddish color due to a higher myoglobin content.  White meat is 
comprised of mostly fast-twitch muscles with a lower myoglobin content.

Poultry species usually use their legs for standing for long periods of 
time and thus their legs are made up of slow-twitch muscles, whereas the 
flightless modern chicken rarely uses its breasts and thus is mostly 
made of fast-twich muscle fiber.

However, if you ever eat a bird that flies often, like squab or duck, 
their breast and wing meat is dark.

Opensource lurker and foodie,


> Since there's nothing inherently offensive in a combination of letters on
> paper or sounds in the air, being offended by mere sounds or printed words
> is a learned behavior.  It's all in the interperetation within the mind of
> the listener, so that is the best place for this "problem" to be resolved.
> You must have heard these words before, otherwise you wouldn't know that
> prudes have reserved them to ilicit shock.  If it weren't for reactions like
> yours, there wouldn't be "naughty words" at all.
> If you were offended by Drew's email, you shouldn't visit Ireland.
> Regards,
> Mark
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> This email could have accomplished the same purpose without the expletives.
> In my experience, people don't generally take very kindly to profanity that
> is directed at them, so you'd probably get your point across better if you
> just omit the profanity entirely. If you simply *must* be profane, please
> email the recipient directly rather than subjecting the rest of us to it.
> Adam
> On 5/19/06, Drew Yates <yates at cse.ohio-state.edu> wrote:
>>The reason people think 560 is so hard is because it's the first class 
>>where you're actually accountable to produce a working, non-trivial
> application.
>>The VAST majority of other comp sci undergrad classes are simply 
>>"memorize this bullshit powerpoint slide full of TLA (three letter 
>>acronyms)." 560 is that, too, but also the projects.
>>If you are afraid of 560, you need to seriously reconsider a different 
>>major. In "real life," nobody gives a shit if you took good notes on 
>>every bullshit powerpoint lecture. The only thing that matters is "can 
>>you perform." If the answer is no, then DEFINITELY take 560 with the 
>>attitude to make that answer "FUCK YES" or drop out of comp sci. You 
>>will be doing yourself a favor either way. It's your decision.
>>For your documentation, use LaTeX. If you do not know what that is, 
>>get on Google and find out.
>>Also, anyone in your group that is "not programming savvy" and isn't 
>>voraciously trying to learn/catch up will pull you down. Fuck them. 
>>Assume that you are personally accountable for every line of code... 
>>because you are. And act that way. This is a totally doable project, 
>>and anyother attitude is wrong on your part.
>>"The intellect of man is forced to choose perfection of the life, or 
>>of the work, and if it take the second must refuse a heavenly mansion, 
>>raging in the dark."
>>--William Butler Yeats
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