[opensource] woo hoo, a free speech controversy!

Drew Yates yates at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sun May 21 20:14:28 EDT 2006

Well, I was totally prepared to let this slide in the interest of "keeping
on topic" and "not pissing off the listserve" but....

I very liberally apply profanity when I talking about technology because it
expresses the bombastic passion and aggression I want to communicate.

Let's face it, technology is usually hard. It's usually not fun. Many things
are intrinsically "not fun." Athletic training comes to mind.

Being a good programmer (or a good anything, really) means not quitting. Not
quitting is hard. When it is 2am and you are working on your 560 lab, and
there is only a few bugs left but you are so tired and you realize that this
is going to happen for the rest of your career, "common sense" is going to
tell you to quit. To maybe go be a business major. And that's fine --if you
really don't want to be good. Some people don't.

But if you really do want to get better, most people need something extra to
get them past these tough parts, when you've hit "the wall."

A very effective tool I have found is brute arrogance and aggression. Think:
football coach. Or --oh man-- drill instructor.

As for libertarianism (I am) and free speech and profanity laws, I find it
ironic that the guy who was advocating SPLAT hobbyist radio is willing to
subject an entire community to what he feels is "appropriate" language. Your
concern for the effectiveness of my message is well noted.

Your ridiculous response is also cloud.  Perhaps faux-polite cuts it at Teen
Bible Rhododendron, but many opensource enthusiasts are of the hacker /
libertarian mindset, and aren't going to appreciate your:
1)  build empathy with reserved admittance of sin ["I use profanity
2) denouncing the controversy as a waste not worth considering despite you
manufactured the controversy ["simply a waste of keystrokes"]
3) dividing the controversy to adversarial parties, namely, "the very few of
you who disagree with me" and "me and the majority of everyone else" ["They
may not apply to you, but I would venture to say that many if not most
people would agree with me."]

This is blatantly (yet sneakily) hostile and it reminds me TO DEATH of when
I was in a fraternity. You don't happen to be in a fraternity, do you, Adam?

I hope this ends all this manufactured hostility before the moderators have
to intervene. What bullshit.

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