[opensource] CSE 560 advice

MICHAEL HAIG haig.1 at osu.edu
Sun May 21 21:30:26 EDT 2006

I accidently sent this to one person and not the entire list, sorry.

Trying to get back to the original topic of this thread...

To be honest, I found 560 to be fairly easy.  You just need to be prepared to do the work and you'll be fine.   As far as not knowing how to program well, we choose a language that only two of us knew (C#) and the rest of the group had no problem learning it and contributing great code and testing.

I wouldn't recommend LaTeX though, I think there is too much of a learning curve to try and complete all the work for the class and learn how to us LaTeX effectively.  We just used MS Word but kept all our sections in seperate files (so when we inserted diagrams/charts etc it didn't mess up the format too much).

I would recommend you talk to other people in the major who have taken the class to get an idea of what the different professors are like.  As far as I know there are 4 different professors who teach the class and they all have different styles/machines.  I don't want to start anything about each professor, but they all have different methods and styles.

Thinking back, I'd rather be taking 560 this quarter than the classes I'm taking.  If you're a CSE major, 560 could be the hardest class you take, think of it that way.  I'm an ECE major and I've taken plenty of classes that were harder and had more of a work load than 560.

Michael Haig

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