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Ross Litscher rlitscher at speakeasy.net
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I wouldn't want to discount your experience, sorry if that is what my 
message read as. I think that is what we are both saying, "Don't 
discount the other side just because that not what you experienced". 
It's my opinion however that not grouping with people because they don't 
already have a group is a little judgemental, and offering that as 
advice is what I question. You suggest to not take the course at all if 
you don't have a pre-formed group, that's just too pessimistic for my 
outlook. If  I had followed that advice, I wouldn't have graduated with 
a degree in something I like.


Steven James Samuel Stapleton wrote:

> Please do not discount my direct experience and situation because you 
> did not go through a similar experience; what is "gradeschool" and 
> "nonsense" is thinking everyone is like you and everyone had the same 
> experiences. If you don't like the fact of what I saw, and you think 
> things are different, fine, but in all of my group classes, that was 
> my experiences, and of the people I worked with, around a dozen, only 
> one had a clue about programming in any languages, and he was also the 
> only one who had a clue about the concepts and ideas relevant to 
> programming.
> In the real world, I've found people like that don't last long, some 
> do, but by that point they tend to be in the minority. Yeah, you get 
> people who aren't as good, and don't agree, that's fine and easy to 
> deal with, but to be stuck in a group where you are the only one 
> competent, or one of the only two, making up half of the group, that 
> is not real world that I've seen. Maybe I'm just lucky in the work 
> place, I don't know.
> -Jim
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>> Back when I was in school, my professor for 560 said something like, 
>> "This project is not intended for you to learn a new programming 
>> language. Use what you know." I forget his name, but he was the other 
>> professor opposite of Pete Ware teaching the course that quarter.... 
>> worked at the OSC. Anyway, it's a great class. So were the other 
>> classes mentioned. I think I took them all except the perhaps the 
>> database course.
>> As for the "pre-formed group" nonsense mentioned, that's BS. You'll 
>> most likely be working with people you don't entirely agree with or 
>> like in the future, so best to start dealing with people now. I had a 
>> makeshift group for 560 and we had a great time, none of us knew each 
>> other comming to the class. Judging people for not already having a 
>> group going into the class is something to be left in gradeschool
>> -r
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