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Drew Yates yates at cse.ohio-state.edu
Thu May 25 15:13:08 EDT 2006


Use XHTML and CSS and not the old table layouts. Trust me, it will matter if
your application is non-trivial.

Find a good designer. A "good design" will not feature lots of these
your marketing message really
is "we're sleazy, incompetent marketers and we don't really exist, nor do we

You'll find better hackers for non-ASP languages. ASP.Net lets "web
developers" drag and drop a sort of functional nightmare together quickly
without really knowing what they're doing. That might be what works best for
what you're doing, but maybe not. Choosing a language is the same as
choosing a developer pool.

People can work hard out of passion, but usually resent working for free
unless they feel like they own what they are doing and what they are
contributing to. (so, you're better off paying everyone off the bat if this
is for profit unless it's philantropy or they are  business pariner)

This is just all from my personal experience...

Good luck on the project!
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