[opensource] Decorum (call it "netiquette" if you prefer)

Matt Curtin cmcurtin at interhack.net
Sat May 27 16:42:42 EDT 2006

"Adam Porr" <porr.4 at osu.edu> writes:

> This email could have accomplished the same purpose without the
> expletives.

For the record, I agree.  A little decorum goes a long way toward
being taken seriously by others.  The words you use send important
metamessages about you to others: if you want to be taken for someone
who is educated, intelligent, and thoughtful, you'll do well to
imitate the speech and habits of those who reflect those properties.

Being abrasive, whether in tone, word selection, or in manner, will
not help you get anywhere.

For those of you who still doubt me, think of it like this.  Our
manners, style of speech, and even how we dress are the means by which
we interface with others.  If you insist on doing everything your way
and requiring everyone to work the way that you do, you should
understand that you're the equivalent of the guy who insists on
running an unpublished operating system on a chip that you invented
using a networking protocol that only you know.

The Internet works because of a guiding principle that has been
paraphrased generally as, "Be liberal in what you accept and
conservative in what you send."

Interfacing with people is no different.  It's a protocol and you
shouldn't expect to be taken for a closed-minded diehard if you show
up to an IP party speaking SNA.

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