[opensource] Decorum (call it "netiquette" if you prefer)

Nick Brown brown.2053 at osu.edu
Tue May 30 18:02:54 EDT 2006

Matt Curtin wrote:
> "Adam Porr" <porr.4 at osu.edu> writes:
>> This email could have accomplished the same purpose without the
>> expletives.
> ...If you insist on doing everything your way
> and requiring everyone to work the way that you do, you should
> understand that you're the equivalent of the guy who insists on
> running an unpublished operating system on a chip that you invented
> using a networking protocol that only you know.
Matt is right. In the business world, everything you do should reflect 
professionalism. That includes avoiding the words that have been 
arbitrarily selected by The Gods of English as "bad."

When you are with your friends, though, it is often better to use the 
words that reflect exactly how you feel. This improves communication and 
relieves tension. I have heard many Ph.Ds swear while in friendly 
settings. Driving, playing sports, and editing other people's source 
code all elicit emotions that are most precisely described in 
business-unfriendly terminology--even by those with the best of educations.

The problem here is that some people see the list as a a group of 
friends and fellow hobbyists, while others view it as a business-related 
forum. These may be irreconcilably different views, but if any of you 
hope to find a job from someone on the list, you had better watch your 
****ing mouths.   :-)

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