[opensource] My Windows ran over my GRUB

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Wed Nov 29 10:20:44 EST 2006

Hey Nate,

You might also be able to fix that by just setting the active/boot
partition on your drive back to your linux install.  You can do this
using fdisk in linux or diskpart in windows.  Hopefully, once the
active/boot partition is set back to linux the MBR code should jump to
the right bootloader.


Nate wrote:
> Well, there's a problem I'm working on with dual boot, someone might
> have experience?
> I installed Ubuntu on my laptop but I can't boot it ...
> When I installed Ubuntu, I left the first partition /dev/sda1 empty in
> order to later install winxp, which I hear really likes to be on the
> first partition.   Linux booted fine (I think grub was resident in the
> MBR)
> Now that windows is installed, it will only see itself to boot, and
> grub is no more.
> There are 2 solutions I've found.
> 1)  Do something screwy with windows, put grub in the MBR and have it
> point to the screwy windows thing along with any other OSes.
> 2)  Leave NTLDR in the MBR and copy some .bin file or other from a
> grub operation into a directory on the windows installation, which
> will add the linux boot partition to the list of options that NTLDR
> presents.
> I'd rather use grub, if at all reasonable, just to play with the
> interface and make it pretty.
> Surely someone else has come across this situation!
> Help!

James Dinan <dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu>

Graduate RA - Computer Science and Engineering
              The Ohio State University

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