[opensource] Program based on libfooid - gst-music-hash

Paul Betts bettsp at cse.ohio-state.edu
Mon Oct 16 14:06:32 EDT 2006

I wrote a new program based on libfooid that uses the GStreamer
framework to decode media files and pass it to libfooid that generates a
unique hash based on the audio itself, I posted it to

So what is this program useful for? Basically, you can use it in a
script to tell if two music files are the same, or more generally, if
you have duplicates in your media library. I have a Ruby script that is
almost finished that'll do this, it'll be quite handy!

I made a (very) few changes to libfooid, of course since it's GPL
everyone is free to use it. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Email me

Paul Betts <bettsp at cse.ohio-state.edu>

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