[opensource] Intel for OSU wireless, anyone?

Marc Uhrich uhrich.1 at gradsch.ohio-state.edu
Thu Oct 19 13:10:33 EDT 2006

We have IBM laptops here at the Graduate School that have the Intel
wireless utility.  I agree that I like it better than the integrated
windows utility for managing wireless connection, mostly because you can
specify profiles for different location (office, home).  It also shows
additional detail on signal strength and other niceties.

Anyway, OIT still has the direction up on how to configure wireless with
this particular utility.  It is available here...

However, I also ran into an issue where the certificate that was issued
by the wireless access point was not recognized and the Intel utility
would not connect.  The windows utility realized that the certificate
was different than the one that was specified in the supplied
walkthrough and allowed me to connect to it anyway.  I suspect that this
coincided with OIT upgrading/installing access points and possibly
changing the certificate.  I don't have a machine in front of me right
now, but I'm pretty sure if the directions don't work "out of the box"
you can specify a different certificate (Equifax Global Secure
Certificate Authority or something similar (I don't have it in front of
me but has the word global and Equifax in it)) and it will then happily

Make sure to test this in a place that has a strong signal, as I've had
many issues with the authentication in areas with weaker signals...

Happy Wireless Hunting,
Marc Uhrich
Systems Engineer @ OSU Graduate School
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I'm looking for someone who knows how to connect to OSU's wireless
network with an Intel utility. OIT refuses to help me connect using
"3rd-party", non-Microsoft software, although they admit to know how. I
had it working once before, but they recently changed their security
certificates. They now have 2 running and I can't figure out how to
select both of them. When I had Intel running, it worked several times
faster than Windows. It also lacked several glitches that Microsoft had.
Microsoft often has a hard time deciding whether or not it's really
connected (of course, it's not) and only gives me the option to
"disconnect" until I restart my computer a few times, which can be
beyond frustrating. Can anyone help me?

-Brian Swaney

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