[opensource] Development Environment For C++

Marc Uhrich uhrich.1 at gradsch.ohio-state.edu
Thu Oct 19 15:01:47 EDT 2006

Hello Everyone,

I've been programming in C# using Visual Studio (or monodevelop) for the
last couple of years, and would like to get back into programming in
C++.  However, I've become extremely accustomed to Visual Studios
"Intellisense" that automatically populates/provides the names of
available methods and properties for objects. I've been poking around at
different cross-platform development environments but haven't found one
that really makes me feel at home.  Because there are more development
environments than adults playing MMORPGs in their parent's basements, I
feel a little overwhelmed in the search.  


As sort of a fun experiment, I'd love to hear what everyone uses as
their development environment and their favorite features about it.
Responses like "suck it up and use vi" are also acceptable if that's the
right answer.  I know that sometimes easy and powerful are at opposite
ends of the spectrum. 


Marc Uhrich 

Systems Engineer @ OSU Graduate School

247 University Hall, 230 N Oval Mall

Columbus, Ohio  43210

(614) 292-6998


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