[QUAR] Re: [opensource] Development Environment For C++

Brian Dittmer dittmer.6 at osu.edu
Thu Oct 19 16:13:29 EDT 2006

Being mainly a Java developer I use JetBrains IDEA 
(http://www.jetbrains.com). Hands down the best IDE I have ever used. 
Blows eclipse out of the water. If I'm doing in C/C++/Perl/etc. work I 
generally use jEdit (http://www.jedit.org). jEdit is a solid, 
open-source, java based text-editor with excellent syntax highlighting, 
code folding and a slew of other features. It also has a great plugin 
architecture and there are hundreds of excellent plugins available for it.

As for looking for a C++ IDE, I've heard good things about Eclipse's 
C/C++ development environment. However, since I write in neither C or 
C++ on a regular basis and Eclipse has burnt me in the past (Java dev) I 
haven't used it. Also good things about KDevelop but again, haven't used it.

Marc Uhrich wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I’ve been programming in C# using Visual Studio (or monodevelop) for 
> the last couple of years, and would like to get back into programming 
> in C++. However, I’ve become extremely accustomed to Visual Studios 
> “Intellisense” that automatically populates/provides the names of 
> available methods and properties for objects. I’ve been poking around 
> at different cross-platform development environments but haven’t found 
> one that really makes me feel at home. Because there are more 
> development environments than adults playing MMORPGs in their parent’s 
> basements, I feel a little overwhelmed in the search.
> As sort of a fun experiment, I’d love to hear what everyone uses as 
> their development environment and their favorite features about it. 
> Responses like “suck it up and use vi” are also acceptable if that’s 
> the right answer. I know that sometimes easy and powerful are at 
> opposite ends of the spectrum.
> Thanks,
> Marc Uhrich
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