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Nick Brown brownnic at cse.ohio-state.edu
Thu Oct 19 18:09:40 EDT 2006

I wouldn't have phrased it quite like that, but I do really like vim.  I
realize that there probably are plenty of other options out there that might
work better for some people, but vim with color syntax highlighting, ctags,
etc. can actually make for a decent edit-compile-execute-edit IDE.

I guess the most compelling reason to use vim for me at OSU is that I can
putty into stdsun from anywhere and do my work, with all of the comforts of
an IDE.  That said, you do have to do a little work to get a decent color
terminal (I ended up copying xterm-color from another system into a
.terminfo directory in my home directory).  Also, to get the most out of it,
you should get a nice vim rc file that maps some shortcut keys (such as
ctrl+a to execute the program you're working on), sets tabstops to something
reasonable, etc.

Let us know what you decide.


On 10/19/06, Marc Uhrich <uhrich.1 at gradsch.ohio-state.edu> wrote:
>  Hello Everyone,
> I've been programming in C# using Visual Studio (or monodevelop) for the
> last couple of years, and would like to get back into programming in C++.
> However, I've become extremely accustomed to Visual Studios "Intellisense"
> that automatically populates/provides the names of available methods and
> properties for objects. I've been poking around at different cross-platform
> development environments but haven't found one that really makes me feel at
> home.  Because there are more development environments than adults playing
> MMORPGs in their parent's basements, I feel a little overwhelmed in the
> search.
> As sort of a fun experiment, I'd love to hear what everyone uses as their
> development environment and their favorite features about it.  Responses
> like "suck it up and use vi" are also acceptable if that's the right
> answer.  I know that sometimes easy and powerful are at opposite ends of the
> spectrum.
> Thanks,
> Marc Uhrich
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