[opensource] Ubuntu compatibility help?

Nick Brown brown.1986 at osu.edu
Mon Oct 23 10:29:45 EDT 2006

I think you'll find that most vendors these days provide Linux drivers for
their hardware.  Sound, video, ethernet, etc. are  all pretty
straightforward (you usually just download a zipped package and follow the
directions that come with it).  Wireless access can sometimes take a little
more effort, but a little googling should show you the way (btw, when in
doubt, always google).  Make sure you search includes the distribution
you're usng (Ubuntu) and the model name of your wireless card.  Seriously,
don't underestimate your ability to get through a problem like this using a
few hours of online research.

If you want to preserve your windows installation, it's going to be more
complicated to steal some of its space for Linux.  If you're willing to
reinstall, Linux (or Windows for that matter) can help you repartition in
whatever way makes the most sense to you.  If all you need Windows for is
writing papers, as people have said before, Open Office is actually adequate
for most purposes.  (There may be other reasons to keep Windows around
though, ie Half-Life 2, which you may be able to get running under Linux,
but it would certainly be a chore).  My opinion is, unless you really need
to run more than one OS on a single machine, it just ends up being
inconvenient to have two (one often ends up not getting used as much and
just sits and wastes space, though if you're clever and share space I
suppose you could avoid this).

I hope my rambling has at least clarified things a little.  Good luck.


On 10/22/06, BRIAN SWANEY <swaney.29 at osu.edu> wrote:
> I just installed the Ubuntu disk from the involvement fair (sort of...)
> and need some help finding linux-compatible drivers. Is anyone able to help
> me? Also, it's confined to about a 3 gigabyte partition because I can't
> figure out how to either shrink or obliterate the Windows partition (it's
> "locked"). I'm going to try calling OIT,but based on their response to
> Intel, I'm not so sure they'll want to help me link to their network using
> Linux.
> In any case, I'd really like some help putting Linux into a bigger
> partition. Maybe I'll have Microsoft run in a little Linux-cage from a
> dual-operating system boot orf something like that, as described at the last
> meeting, to write papers and stuff, or maybe I'll just scratch it all
> together. I'm not sure yet, whatever works better.
> -Briana Swaney
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