[opensource] Re: [opensource-announce] Meeting Announcement: 10/24/06 - This Week in Slashdot!

Sean Lee lee.2817 at osu.edu
Tue Oct 24 00:18:03 EDT 2006

Brian, I'd be interested into hearing where you receive a lot of your
security information and where have you gained most of your knowledge.

Do you have AIM or MSN, some other way of contact that would be quicker than
this list?  I maybe able to help you solve your wireless issues (or maybe
not.. since my wireless working is only one case and most people say it
doesn't work in linux).

AIM: Wushuchicken
MSN: dj_leesian AT hotmail DOT com

On 10/23/06, Alexander J. Lingo <lingo.13 at osu.edu> wrote:
> On 10/23/06, BRIAN SWANEY <swaney.29 at osu.edu> wrote:
> >
> > Oh yes, about the computer, it should probably have a name that doesn't
> > really make sense, like a set of randomly generated letters and numbers
> > (like dx2Rh86FwP), so black-hat outsiders don't know what system name to
> > look for.
> The name of the computer is not really a security concern.
> Count me in on the access, if you trust a freshman anyway. I can't think
> > of all that much I'd use it for, already having a computer, but there are
> > some other things like meeting someone to help me configure Linux and get
> > away from Windows or possibly learn some basics on CSE. Maybe if you had a
> > scanner or some things like  thaat it would be helpful. I'd contribute what
> > I knew to help out, if I knew anything.
> You can have access when everything is set up.
> About miscellaneous hardware:
> Any misc hardware would have to be donated from others. We don't have the
> budget for buying anything except basic office supplies.
> Another option we have is FreeGeek Columbus (
> http://www.freegeekcolumbus.org). They are a non-profit organization that
> accepts donated computers and hardware and then distributes they to
> non-profits and individuals in several ways.
> For individuals, they will give you a complete computer with open-source
> software with a exchange of time with them. I.E, if you volunteer with
> them to help out or to learn to build the box, you can keep it.
> For non-profits, (such as us), they offer Hardware Grants. As long as we
> help them out, and fit with their mission, they will give us hardware so
> that we can allow people to use and learn from it.
> FreeGeek is having a meeting at their new 4th street location Thursday
> from 7-9pm and I will be going. If anyone would like to join me and have a
> chat with them they are welcome. I will announce this again at the meeting.
> They are very nice guys with a very good mission. I've wanted to help them
> out since I heard about them, but their location was on the other side of
> Columbus. Now that they are closer, I think this is a great option for those
> around the OSU campus.
> -- alex
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