[opensource] Linux vs. Windows

BRIAN SWANEY swaney.29 at osu.edu
Wed Oct 25 11:20:30 EDT 2006

I'm finding Linix to be very confusing, having only understood computers for a few months. The incompatibility with teachers' computers is adding to the frustration a little too. Microsoft's security, however, resembles that of already digested burritos, making it a risky choice. I value security, but I'm not sure if Linux is for me (at least not right now), but I'm not sure. What would you suggest for someone who has had a computer for only 4-5 months, to return to Windows for simplicity sake, or continue with Linux  for security and tough it out by learning the harder one in the beginning (note that neither of the OS's content is deleted yet)?

-Brian Swaney

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