[opensource] Linux vs. Windows

William Triest triest.1 at osu.edu
Wed Oct 25 12:19:34 EDT 2006

Charlie Hayes wrote:
> On Oct 25, 2006, at 11:41 AM, William Triest wrote:
>> I think the brand new user has the easiest time adjusting to linux.
> What are you basing this on?
If you've used windows, then you are indoctrinated with the way windows 
does things.  If you've never used a computer, you don't have a bunch of 
stuff saved in microsoft office format etc.  I'm not going to get into a 
flame war.  As someone who maintains both windows & linux, you can not 
convince me that windows is less of a head ache to maintain.  Linux, 
once setup (which is VERY easy these days) just works.  When you get 
into enterprise settings with active directory and a windows update 
server, then per computer your time is very insignificant to maintain 
windows.  Still my RHEL/CentOS computers pretty much just work.  So as 
long as he doesn't need windows specific apps or wants game that are 
windows only, Linux is easier.

To the original poster, if you want help setting up Linux, I would be 
happy to help you.  As long as you are happy using a GUI, it really 
isn't harder, yet  you don't need to worry about security nearly as 
much.  As you start learing new things, and enable services (like ssh or 
apache) then you will need to pay a lot more attention to things.  As 
long as you have a firewall blocking all ports and automatic updates, 
then Linux is pretty much secure.  To be fair, windows would almost be 
the same, if it weren't for the plethora of spyware. 


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