[opensource] Linux vs. Windows

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at elfshadow.net
Wed Oct 25 12:29:22 EDT 2006

> I'm finding Linix to be very confusing, having only understood
> computers for a few months. The incompatibility with teachers'
> computers is adding to the frustration a little too. Microsoft's
> security, however, resembles that of already digested burritos,
> making it a risky choice. I value security, but I'm not sure if Linux
> is for me (at least not right now), but I'm not sure. What would you
> suggest for someone who has had a computer for only 4-5 months, to
> return to Windows for simplicity sake, or continue with Linux  for
> security and tough it out by learning the harder one in the beginning
> (note that neither of the OS's content is deleted yet)?

Computers, regardless of operating system, can be a little confusing to
new users.  It takes a bit of time to start feeling truly comfortable.
I think the big question is do you *want* to run Linux?  I find it a
great OS and very refreshing - so many tools available to you for most
tasks you are apt to come up against.  The open nature of it is also
very refreshing.  If you want to run Linux, it is well worth some time
investment to learn.  If you are truly a new computer, even learning
Windows for the first time takes some time.

You have the Open Source group to help, I am sure some would help you
get the basics going at the meetings.  There is always COLUG
(http://www.colug.net/) as well.

Now obviously you do not want your studies to be impacted due to your OS
choice.  My wife is an OSU student and goes back and forth between her
iBook running Max OS X and one of my desktops running Fedora.  In
reality she has had better luck on the Fedora box than her Mac.

So it can be done, but as Bill said, more information on your current
hurdles would help.  Tackling those one step at a time should get you up
and running with little issue.  Can you be more specific on the
incompatibilities you face?


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