[opensource] Linux vs. Windows

William Triest triest.1 at osu.edu
Wed Oct 25 13:00:53 EDT 2006

> On Wednesday, October 25, 2006 11:42 AM, William Triest wrote: 
>> I think the brand new user has the easiest time
>> adjusting to linux.  I would highly recommend you
>> give it an honest shot.
> While I agree that he should give it a shot for fun, at times, consessions must be made. Right now, the ability to work with fellow students and professors should be more important than how the software you use is licensed.
But if windows is going to be more work and Linux does everything he 
needs Linux is the right choice.  If windows will be more work, but if 
will help him be more efficient in school, the windows is the right 
choice.  In that context he will have given LInux an honest shot.  I 
don't want a flame ware, Can the original poster please clarify where it 
was causing problems in class.  That really will determine which is the 
right choice.

I fight enough with professors over things (like yes backups really are 
important) I don't feel like getting into a debate in my free time.  Its 
just me, I'm burnt out.  I enjoy helping people, so I want to help the 
original poster determine what is really best for him, and right now I 
don't think there is enough information.  End of statement.


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