[opensource] Linux vs. Windows

Nick Hurley hurley at todesschaf.org
Wed Oct 25 13:24:01 EDT 2006

Charlie Hayes <hayes.465 at osu.edu> writes:
> The free Windows Defender will prevent spyware from executing on a
> Windows machine. This is now a non-issue.

Wow, that's a pretty confident statement. I presume, of course, that
before making it, you tested ALL available malware on a windows machine
running windows defender to ensure that no existing exploits can affect
said machine. Additionally, I presume you performed a THOROUGH security
audit of ALL POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS of hardware and software running on a
windows machine to ensure that there is no possible way for any new,
as-yet unfound malware to infect a windows machine running windows

   From now on, I'll connect the dots my own way.
		  -- Calvin

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