[opensource] Linux vs. Windows

Sean Lee lee.2817 at osu.edu
Wed Oct 25 13:49:21 EDT 2006

You guys are horrible...  Nothing is perfect, the only issue is that windows
users are more prone to attacks.  Your machine sitting there, running
windows or linux.. isn't going to just randomly become under attack of
spyware, malware, crackers, and whatever else you want to blame windows a
sucking at securing.

Brian, my advice for you is to use linux maybe during the weekend or
something, or during breaks when you don't need to have your comfort of
windows.  It can be scary, but there isn't much in regards to school that
your linux install can't do that windows can.  Have fun.


On 10/25/06, Nick Hurley <hurley at todesschaf.org> wrote:
> Charlie Hayes <hayes.465 at osu.edu> writes:
> > The free Windows Defender will prevent spyware from executing on a
> > Windows machine. This is now a non-issue.
> Wow, that's a pretty confident statement. I presume, of course, that
> before making it, you tested ALL available malware on a windows machine
> running windows defender to ensure that no existing exploits can affect
> said machine. Additionally, I presume you performed a THOROUGH security
> audit of ALL POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS of hardware and software running on a
> windows machine to ensure that there is no possible way for any new,
> as-yet unfound malware to infect a windows machine running windows
> defender.
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