[opensource] Linux vs. Windows

Charlie Hayes hayes.465 at osu.edu
Wed Oct 25 15:40:24 EDT 2006

I just installed Ubuntu (6.06) and I found the resolution box. It  
seems like its populated with common items and not items populated  
from my monitor. It doesnt list resolutions my monitor supports and  
it doesnt list refresh rates my monitor supports.

The redraw was really slow so I googled around for installing updated  
nVidia drivers. I found some Wiki that gives instructions but its  
pretty crazy. I had to run a few command line commands, restart X/ 
Gnome (which didn't even confirm when I hit ctrl-alt-backspace),  
create some config file, edit another, etc. On Windows I just  
download an exe, run it, and click next a few times, then restart.   
It's much easier.

Even with the updated drivers, redrawing is really slow. (plus there  
are lot of redraw bugs in general) Another reason why GNU/Linux seems  

I would expect USB mass storage and digital cameras to just on any  
modern operating system. GNU/Linux has nothing special seeing as how  
Windows and MacOS have supported those for many years.


On Oct 25, 2006, at 2:45 PM, Alexander J. Lingo wrote:
> On 10/25/06, Paul Betts <bettsp at cse.ohio-state.edu> wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 12:45 -0400, Charlie Hayes wrote:
> > Every year I try the latest and greatest GNU/Linux distribution for
> > desktop use, and every year I am impressed at how little progress is
> > made on the ease of use front. This past summer I watched some using
> > Ubuntu. This user was forced to enter a command-prompt configuration
> > utility to adjust his resolution, color depth, and refresh rate. The
> > configuration was not automatic at all and required him to enter
> > timings and resolutions manually. Since Windows 95 (10 years  
> ago), or
> > MacOS .. like 6 or 7 (~13 Years ago), you could change these  
> settings
> > on-the-fly using drop-downs and sliders and options that were not
> > compatible with your monitor were disabled/invisible.
> System->Preferences->Screen Resolution
>  **Finds his flame retardant suit**
> Actually, with my new Geforce 7600GS + binary Nvidia driver +  
> Ubuntu Edgy Eft RC, I see no options above 1024x768 or any refresh  
> rates other than 60Hz, even though my monitor is capable of 1600x1200.
> But, a lot of things in Ubuntu "Just work" - USB mass storage  
> devices, digital cameras, etc...
> -- alex

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