[opensource] GE Aviation

AP Fritts fritts.11 at osu.edu
Thu Oct 26 12:26:18 EDT 2006

Hey Everyone,

GE Aviation is coming to do a presentation on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
Transgender and Ally (LGBTA) workplace issues for science, engineering and
math students. In case you were wondering, the Ally or A is where the
straight people come in.  Straight students are welcome!

THEY ARE PROVIDING FREE PIZZA!!!!   So please RSVP to me (fritts.11 at osu.edu)

The event is taking place in 305 Gerlach (Fisher College of Business campus)
from 12:00 to 1:30PM.  I have class until 12:18, so I will be late and you
can be late too!!

Here are maps to Gerlach:

Hope to see you there!!
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