[opensource] Job Openings in Department of Chemistry

William Triest triest at cse.ohio-state.edu
Mon Oct 30 11:01:58 EST 2006

I wanted to take a moment to advertise that the Department of Chemistry 
is currently looking for student workers. Since I am the Unix admin, I'm 
primarily interested in people who can help with some of the Linux 
tasks, but we also have windows and possibly web (php/mysql) openings.

When available students serve as a first-stop in our support tier.  
Important skills include the ability to learn on your own, problem 
solve, communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical 
users,  and both hardware & software troubleshooting.  We realize that 
students will have varying degrees of experience, so being able to 
troubleshoot problems you have not seen before and learn on your own are 
vitally important.  Communication is absolutely critical.  Students 
workers are students so we are flexible with scheduling, but if you are 
unable to come in, another support staff member should be able to step 
in and finish things up. 

If you are unsure, you can still send me a resume, and we can make the 
determination.  In the e-mail please list where you think you are 
weak/strong especially if you are unsure if you are qualified.  We have 
had successful student workers who based on the initial e-mail and 
resume we did not think possessed any of the necessary skills, so I will 
do my best to make the time to get an honest understanding of your 
abilities.  Please understand that my time is limited, so please do your 
best to communicate as much as possible from your resume / e-mail.

To apply send a resume via e-mail to  wtriest at chemistry.ohio-state.edu 
with the subject student worker (NOTE:  different address then I am 
posting from.  My osu is the one subscribed to the list, while I check 
my chemistry address more frequently so its preferred)

Bill Triest
Systems Specialist
Department of Chemistry

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