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Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sun Sep 17 20:56:12 EDT 2006

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> From: Pete Wyckoff <pw at osc.edu>
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> Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 17:35:47 -0400
> Subject: OSU jobs for linux kernel hackers
> We have two positions open, starting now (September 2006), for
> undergraduates.  The jobs have a strong research focus and will
> involve plenty of linux kernel and userspace work for a distributed
> storage project.  Send me mail if you're interested.
> Full announcement below, and at http://www.osc.edu/~pw/
> 		-- Pete
> High-performance Storage Undergraduate Research Opportunity
> ===========================================================
> Researchers at the Ohio Supercomputer Center, a campus-wide Center in
> the Office of Research, are seeking two undergraduate students to
> investigate the use of object-based devices in parallel file systems.
> The students will be supported under a new NSF grant (#0621484) that
> starts in Fall Quarter of 2006 and extends for three years, with
> possible extensions.  Work will be performed on west campus, at 1224
> Kinnear Road, conveniently on the Campus Loop bus lines.  Access to very
> large computational and storage facilities will be available by working
> at OSC.  Also participating on the project are three OSC staff members
> and one graduate student.
> An ideal student would have an interest in systems, storage, protocols
> and networking; extensive experience in C programming; familiarity with
> Linux, file systems, and parallel computing; but most importantly, a
> drive to be intellectually challenged, to learn about cutting-edge
> storage environments and to carry out novel research in the field.
> Beyond performing the research itself, staff and students will be
> encouraged to present their results in the form of conference
> presentations and journal papers.
> Minimum job requirements:
>     - Enrolled as a full-time student at OSU 
>     - Have completed at least one full year of classes
>     - Declared major in science or engineering field
>     - Willing to work 15-20 hours per week
>     - Knowledge of basic Unix shell commands:  cd, ls, etc.
>     - Competent in C language programming
> For more information, please contact Pete Wyckoff by email at pw at osc.edu
> or telephone 614 247 7956.
> Project Abstract
> ----------------
> While continued improvements in processing speeds and disk densities
> improve computing over time, the most fundamental advances come from
> changing the ways in which components interact.  Delegating
> responsibility for some operations from the host processor to
> intelligent peripherals can improve application performance.
> Traditional storage technology is based on simple fixed-size accesses
> with little assistance from disk drives, but an emerging standard for
> object-based storage devices (OSDs) is being adopted.  These devices
> will offer improvements in performance, scalability and management, and
> are expected to be available as commodity items soon.
> When assembled as a parallel file system, for use in high-performance
> computing, object-based storage devices offer the potential to improve
> scalability and throughput by permitting clients to securely and
> directly access storage.  However, while the feature set offered by OSD
> is richer than that of traditional block-based devices, it does not
> provide all the functionality needed by a parallel file system.
> We will examine multiple aspects of the mismatch between the needs of a
> parallel file system, in particular PVFS2, and the capabilities of OSD.
> Topic areas include mapping data to objects, metadata, transport,
> caching and reliability.  Trade-offs arise from the mapping of files to
> objects, and how to stripe files across multiple objects and disks, in
> order to obtain good performance.  A distributed file system needs to
> track metadata that describes and connects data.  OSDs offer automatic
> management of some critical metadata components that can be used by the
> file system.  There are transport issues related to flow control and
> multicast operations that must be solved.  Implementing client caching
> schemes and maintaining data consistency also requires proper
> application of OSD capabilities.
> Our work will examine the feasibility of OSDs for use in parallel file
> systems, discovering techniques to accommodate this high performance
> usage model.  We will also suggest extensions to the current OSD
> standard as needed.
> About OSC
> ---------
> OSC is Ohio's high performance computing, networking, and research
> center.  Established in 1987 by the Ohio Board of Regents, the Center
> provides scientific computing, networking, educational outreach, and
> information technology resources to state and national high performance
> computing and networking groups.  OSC empowers its academic, industrial,
> and government partners to make Ohio the education and technology state
> of the future.  More information about OSC can be found at www.osc.edu.

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