[opensource] CUPS and s900 drivers

Ann Elliott elliott.222 at osu.edu
Thu Sep 21 22:32:01 EDT 2006

I'm hoping someone has some good news for me, because from what I see 
online it seems I'm out of luck.

I have a Canon S900 printer. It prints beautiful stuff from XP and OSX 
(10.2.8), each using Canon's drivers. It is currently connected 
(through USB) to the mac. I have a RAW queue in CUPS for my windows 
machine to print through which works fine. I would like to be able to 
print to it from my FreeBSD (currently running 6.0) machine, but my 
printer is not a postscript printer and there is no gimp-print driver 
for it (there is for the s800, but they're not compatible). Am I stuck 
scping everything over to the mac for printing?


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